Welcome !

This has been such a long time coming for me. I have been speaking about the idea of creating a platform on which I could share my unique take on food for quite some time. I am overjoyed to finally see one of my greatest loves materialised into this website and I’m so excited to finally share this with you all.

TheFoodDoll.com will give you an insight into how I see, hear, taste and smell food on a daily basis. It will be overflowing with an array of recipes, be it an indulgent and luxurious recipe, a traditional family recipe, an innovative on trend recipe that challenges food boundaries or healthy options such as vegan, gluten free or gym based meals. As well as recipes, expect to find reviews of international and local restaurants, food festivals, trends and hacks. There will also be product reviews and a ton of giveaways!

Words cannot do justice to how thankful I am for the consistent support and encouragement I have had from loved ones and strangers alike. Special gratitude goes to those who have been following my cooking journey for the last few years on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

I am humbled; It is such an irreplaceable feeling when anyone, recognises your passion for something and I hope in turn that thefooddoll.com will consistently re-ignite your fire for food.

The Food Doll ❤