The Daddy Burger- Halloumi, avocado, crispy bacon, smoked cheese and double patties on a brioche bun.

I make my cheat days really count and I always let my cravings lead me. All week, I’ve been craving brioche and mountains of cheese. Last night, I ruffled around my fridge and came up with the ultimate indulgent dish idea.

I rewarded myself and made what I call, The Daddy.

Two succulent beef patties, layered with grilled halloumi, peppered avocado slices, crispy bacon, perinaise, smoked cheese, fresh lettuce and ketchup.

The flavours were absolutely incredible. This isn’t quite a recipe but more of a suggestion that you just have to try.

On some toasted brioche, layer some sliced avocado and sprinkle some fresh black pepper over it. Layer one of your succulent beef patties onto the avocado followed by your some ketchup, melted smokey cheese and your crispy bacon above that.

Add another beef patty and then your grilled halloumi. Add a dollop of perinaise mayo and your fresh lettuce.

Try it!

The Food Doll.

The MacFactory Review: Mac and Cheese topped with what?!

The first two weeks of 2018 have been amazing for me so far. Especially for The Food Doll. On February 10th, I’ll taking part in What’s New Pop Up: Food. A food pop up exhibition in the heart of Shoreditch, where you get to try the hottest and newest food brands, bloggers and innovations. (You can get 10% off tickets with my code ‘FOODDOLL10’ at )

To continue my blossoming year, I won a giveaway! This is huge because I never win anything, honestly.

The Mac Factory are a gourmet mac and cheese brand that I found on social media that really spoke to my heart. The love of my life and only thing stopping me from converting to veganism next to prawns, is cheese. As in, I really love cheese. Almost more than people. No… definitely more than people.

They boast some of the most delicious and crazy cheesy concoctions. I won a pot of my choice for myself and a friend (so two for me then.)

I haven’t been to Camden market during the day since I was in my late teens. It has changed with the times. When I used to think about Camden Food, I would think about the endless repeated Chinese food stands, where I would never have to buy anything. Just a quick walk through would fill me up with so many free chicken tasters that my stomach was bursting by the time I got to the end of the cobble market maze. Sometimes I would take the bait and fork over a modest £3 for a huge mixed box of anything and everything that could possibly fit.

These days, Camden has upgraded to the likes of the Kerb market which has a variety of cool modern food brands. I plan to take a trip back as I saw so many brands that I want to try.

I was greeted by a super friendly chef who called me gorgeous (that always goes down well.) He suggested that I try the hey mac-arena and the posh spice.

I decided to go for the hey mac-arena and the mambo italiano in the end.

Whilst he cooked my order fresh in front of me mixing handfuls of colourful cheeses and ingredients like a mad cheese scientist, he told me about a little about the company who have branches all over. I could see that they were popular; a queue quickly developed behind me as I resisted the urge to forget my home training and ask him for a handful of cheese to nibble on.

My orders arrived quickly and my gosh were they beautiful.

The hey mac-arena  was topped with flavourful green jalapeños, fresh sour cream, Mexican chilli and a stack of crispy nachos. This is a combination I never would have thought would be so delicious. I am very sceptical about chilli con carne style dishes and often find them sickly and overpowering but this was not the case here. The flavours were perfectly balanced. I was super surprised at just how much came in the pot and how filling it was. I am generally a slow eater but powered my way through this pot.

I saved the second pot for after my work meeting, having taken a couple of bites earlier. The mambo-italiano was laced in smoked pancetta, mushrooms, garlic and topped with their special sourdough parmesan and thyme crumble. ( I need to recreate their crumble. It was incredible and would taste out of this world over triple cooked fries.)

I was a little sceptical that the Mac Factory would be able to crack a tough cookie like myself, especially as I make amazing mac and cheese; but I was pleasantly proven wrong.

The Mac factory was a great experience, from the food, to the staff and location. They change their menu from time to time too and the menu varies depending on location. I saw a lobster Thermidor pot that is calling my name, along with a Bolognese and red wine variation at their Euston branch.

I definitely think this is a must visit and worth the trip even if you aren’t in the area. If you are a cheese lover like me, their pots of luck are a dream come true.

Thank you the Mac Factory!

The Food Doll.