Is this the best brunch in West London?- Carpentier & Co

Brunch has solidified itself this year as my favourite meal of the day. It is versatile, modern and acceptable to drink alcohol frugal.

What I also love about brunch is that is makes a great outing for all occasions whether it be a meeting, a date or a catch up with friends. A great brunch place also caters well for vegans, vegetarians of the health conscious.

I’ve become quite a gem finder and my most recent find is one of my favourite so far. A mere stone throw away from my house, hides a quaint cafe called Carpentier & Co just off Pinner High Street in North-West London.

It’s fairly small and cosy, so we were lucky to get a table on a Sunday afternoon. You could almost walk right past the cafe, which looks more like a cool vintage store than anything.

Stepping inside felt like stepping into a house from Alice in Wonderland (if Alice was a rebellious teen from the 50s.) The cafe has so much character which is refreshing with most restaurants opting for minimalistic decor these days.

The first item I tried was their Spanish hot chocolate which is thicker and more chocolatey than your standard hit chocolate. Topped with a thick layer of cream and mini marshmallows, this made the perfect indulgent start to my meal.

As well as the hot chocolate, we ordered two bottles of prosecco. Both were delicious and fairly priced. What is brunch without prosecco?!

We ordered a range of items between us as well as some individual options. These were: The Greek sharing board and the antipasti sharing board. The foods on the sharing boards were of high quality and hand lovingly made.

One of my favourite things about the cafe quite instantly was the fact that everything is made in front of you. I get sensory satisfaction from seeing all the elements of my dish come together.

The star of the visit for me however, was the avocado, halloumi and chilli jam toast drizzled in a balsamic glaze. This was nothing short of divine. It’s always interesting to me how simplicity and quality products can create some of the best dishes you’ve had. This was no different. The saltiness of the halloumi balanced well with sweetness of their homemade chilli jam. The chilli jam deserves its own mention. It had just the right amount of kick; it’s unique blend made me crave more.

As well as the food and the atmosphere, the ladies who work in Carpentier and Co are some of the sweetest women I’ve met along The Food Doll’s journey. They were really helpful and explained everything thoroughly.

Overall, Carpentier and Co easily slides into my list of top venues. Our meal was cheap yet blew some of the more high end, costly brunch spots out of the water.

I can’t wait to re-visit the venue who also offer private hire. You can check them out at

Brunch on the canal: The Summerhouse.

Brunch on the canal- The Summerhouse.
With such amazing weather as of recent, my home packed lunch wasn’t looking so tempting on my lunch break. As an avid lover of brunch, (because who really eats breakfast anymore?) I searched high and low in my local area and came across The Summerhouse near Warwick Avenue.

Off a quiet street and along the canal, the Summerhouse seemed the perfect brunch venue for views, relaxation and a touch of luxury.
The staff were extremely welcoming on arrival and the restaurant became busy very quickly, despite me being there at 11am. A reminder to always book ahead.

Despite being busy, the restaurant was serene and relaxing. It didn’t feel like I was in London at all.

The view was incredible. With ducks gliding by, the sun glistening off the canal water and boats idly passing, it was the perfect break from my busy workplace.
 I ordered my brunch go to meal, eggs benedict with Parma ham, a mocktail and a croissant on the side.

The hollandaise sauce was rich and flavourful and the poached eggs, done to perfection. The star of the brunch for me however, was the fruit Collins’s which was a mix of lime juice, strawberry and pineapple over ice. It was so nice that the Swedish girls siting next to me couldn’t help but ask about it.

The brunch came to around £15 which I think was very reasonable considering the great view.
I will definitely try the Summerhouse again, and I’d love to try their full menu at night which boasts lobster, steak and all the luxurious foods I love. Plus a night time canal view and candlelights? I think a date night is pending.

You can check out their menu at and book a table on open table.
The Food Doll ❤

Brunch: Indulgent Sweet Potato Hash Layered with Poached Eggs and Avocado.

I had one of those mornings a long time back where I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to eat for brunch but I didn’t want to go to the shop either.
I scoured through my fridge and cupboards and pulled out a few ingredients to try to create something that would satisfy my palette. Thus was born this creation: My sweet potato hash layered with poached eggs and avocado. It is full of flavour, juxtaposing crunchy textures and the sweet flavour of the sweet potato with the savoury taste of the poached eggs. The best part? It is full of nutrition and can be adapted in several ways. 

The steps to my weird but wonderful creation can be found below.


2 sweet potatoes (peeled)

3 eggs

One slice of lean bacon or pancetta (optional)

Salt (to taste)

Pepper (to taste)

Diced onion (half)

1 avocado (cubed)

Using a grater, grate the sweet potatoes and press the liquid out using kitchen paper towels. Set aside.
Slice up your bacon and brown in a non stick frying pan for a few minutes (or skip this option if vegan, vegetarian or pork free). Do the same with your onions to sweat them but not cook them fully.

Whisk one egg and in a bowl, add in small amounts along with the grated potato, browned onion salt, pepper and optional bacon/pancetta. The consistency should be firm enough to mould into a flat circle.
Fry these in a non stick pan with a little olive oil on a medium low heat until the sweet potato takes a crisp and golden look and set aside on some kitchen paper.
Poach your remaining two eggs in salted water and drain.
Season your avocado with salt and pepper. (A trick here, if you’re not a huge fan of avocado, is to mash it with some spring onions which really transforms the flavour and texture.)
Layer one hash with avocado and a poached egg topped with another hash and so on to build three layers. Serve with a side of baby leaf spinach.

This dish was incredibly tasty and was a medium difficult dish. Try it and let me know how it goes by sending me pictures on twitter!
The Food doll ❤