About Me.
My fascination with food has always been focused around emotions. Growing up, I watched my mother cook and create these incredible dishes that literally brought happiness to anyone who had the pleasure of eating them. My mother, verbatim, taught me that food was love.
Food for me was not only calorific or for survival purposes. I saw each ingredient as having this incredible and unique history to it, I saw the different elements and complexities that went into making a dish and I saw the laughter, love and light that a dinner table full of family and friends radiated.
Raised in the Caribbean, I have nostalgic memories of  picking rice grains, peeling potatoes by hand, fishing, roasting on open fires and being knee high desperately trying to work out what magical dust my family members were sprinkling over the food.
Moving to London saw me experience a completely different world of foods.  Having travelled to over 30 countries, my interest only sought to grow. I have had the honour of being taught traditional dishes from a multitude of cultures. (One of the best characteristics of London as city).
Why the Food Doll?

 I’m Monique Monrowe: a twenty something, driven, passionate and loving woman living in London who quite possibly loves food more than people.
Besides my childhood fascination with dolls and subsequently being compared to one. The term ‘doll’, is often associated with a few definitions that stood out to me:
“An empty headed woman”. – A relatable assumption I and others have battled as a young women on a daily basis. As an educated, successful female, I want to satirically shake off the stigmas that come with attaching cooking to not only women and unambitious women at that.
“Considerate and generous” and “ A term of affection”- just as I believe the act of cooking to be: selfless love.
“ Dress up elegantly or ostentatiously “- Designed to impress and be flamboyant. Cooking is undeniably a lifeskill but I also see this as an art. I have hilarious memories of comparing my school lunches with my peers’ more basic meals when I first moved over to London. The perplexed looks of astonishment and questions that were shot back at me are unforgettable. This has only continued were my school friends have grown to take the forms of colleagues and my other half’s friends. If I’m shamelessly honest: cooking brings insane bragging rights and I’m not a stranger to hearing “You’re the best cook I know” and I love it. I know when and how to impress, woo or nurture with my cooking. “The way to a man’s heart is where again?”
There are many other layers to my ever progressing and unusual food journey. Although I am not a professional chef, my adoration for food has seen me pick up invaluable lessons, worldwide recipes and food discoveries that go way beyond what a class or book alone could teach.
 So that is me: The Food Doll. ❤