Ten Vapiano Menu Hacks- You’ve never had ‘Vaps’ like this.

Vapiano has been my favourite Italian restaurant for over 7 years.

I regularly eat there not only in London but whenever I am abroad such as in Sweden and Holland.

The restaurant has undergone major refurbishments and expansions as a result of their unique dining style, their delicious dishes and economy friendly price point.

Not only does the restaurant make a great casual first date night, but is a great spot to eat with colleagues, friends and even solo.

You may have been to Vapianos, but have you been to Vapianos my way?

Below are some hacks that you probably have never thought of, but will blow your mind once you try them.

1.Ask for nutmeg to be added to your dish.

What? Nutmeg. I know, sounds crazy right. This hack was introduced to me by one of their chefs years ago and I have never turned back. H e told me to trust him and that the nutmeg would intensify the flavour of the creamy sauce. He was oh so right. I even add nutmeg to my home cooking for this very reason. This hack works great with any of the creamy dishes but especially with gamberetti spinaci.

2. Ask for white wine and parmesan in your gamberetti spinaci.

In a bid to impress my sometimes a little too flirty character, one amazing chef asked if he could adapt my favourite dish as he was confident that he would make it the best I’ve ever had. He was right. In this gorgeous adaption, he added white wine and parmesan to tha sauce (and my regular nutmeg).

3. Ask for fresh chilli on the side.

I like my food with a slight kick and its hard to judge just how spicy your pinch will be. I ask for a little chili in the dish and then some fresh chilli on the side which I sprinkle through my meal for intense kick and fresh flavour.

4. Bread.

I think its tradition to always ask for bread but  how do you eat it? Next time, ask them for butter. Better yet, find one of the most mature looking chilli oil jars on the tables and drizzle this over with a touch of salt and pepper. Yum.

5. Turn the filetto di manzo into a surf and turf.

Filetto di manzo is another great dish. After a visit to Holland where they had introduced a new dish called the reef and beef, I knew I had to have something similar here. Their dish had lobster sauce, prawns and beef. Ask your friendly chef to make your filetto di manzo with a creamy sauce such as the one similar to the normal gamberetti dish and add some prawns. This flavour combo will stun you.

6. Prawn alfredo.

The chicken alfredo is another commonly skipped over menu choice. Make it even better by adding prawns or my recommendation of holding the chicken altogether.

7. Bruschetta gamberetti.

Not so much a hack but a must  try. A lot of people don’t look at the starters menu much but there have been some amazing additions. This bruschetta mixes juicy king prawns and seasoned chopped tomatoes to create a tastebud party. One between two to share is more than enough. I’m not a huge fan of tomatoes but I throw this down every time.

8. Takeaway box.

Not so much a hack but a prompt. Vapiano takeway boxes are insanely handy and most importantly: free. I have lost count of how many I have at home. They are super secure, deep and shaped perfectly to hold awkward foods. I use them to season meat, bring food to work and save left overs. Thanks Vaps!

9. Surprise me.

Ask your chef to create an extra special dish for you. Tell them if you like your pasta with meat, prawns or vegetables, plus if you like it creamy, with tomatoes or less sauce. Some chefs love the challenge and it beats making the same dishes. Have an open mind and you may just discover a new favourite dish.

10. They’re actually herbs.

Those beautiful plants on your table. Did you know they are actually edible herbs. Tear off a few springs to add flavour punches to your meal. I usually add them shamelessly for aesthetics so my Instagram pictures come out even better.

Can you tell that I’m the worst person to queue behind? The beauty of Vapianos is that there is a range of fresh foods and the freedom to change every single dish to your taste.

Next time you visit, try one of my hacks and tell them the Food Doll recommended you. ❤

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