Caramelised Plantain. A Healthy, Easy, Vegan Side.

Plantain is one of the most loved and diverse sides to come out of the Caribbean. The classic way to prepare plantain is to fry slices in oil. It makes a great accompaniment to meat and fish dishes, for breakfast with eggs as well as tasty on its own.

Growing up, I enjoyed the many ways in which plantain could be prepared such as grilled, boiled, as plantain chips and platanos.

One of my favourite, healthiest and frankly, laziest ways is caramelised in the oven. The best part? Plantains are

completely vegan too.

Simply score the plantain vertically and place into the oven at 150 degrees in a fan assisted oven. For best results, use a very ripe plantain as they caramelise better.

Patience is key. As the plantain begins to cook, it will start to emerge out of the skin and give off a sugary liquid. Open up the skin slightly and sprinkle a little salt across the plantain to help it caramelise and intensify the sweet taste.

Cook until the plantain is golden and has caramelised fully outside. Then you can pull it out of the skin and serve with anything of your choice.

I paired mine with some grilled peri peri chicken. Enjoy!

The Food Doll.

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