A Lobster and King Prawn Thermidor Roll for under £5 but is it any good?

On my lunch today I browsed the glorious shelves of superstore Marks and Spencer’s who in my opinion, do some of the best store bought meals ever.

(Do you remember their classic Christmas food advert that would leave your tastebuds tingling and your stomach grumbling?)

Today something special caught my eye from their new Christmas range- A Lobster and King Prawn Thermidor Roll.

It looked incredible from the packaging alone so I bit my tongue and forked out the £4.75 it was priced at just to try it.

The brioche roll was buttery, sweet and soft which perfectly complimented the succulent king Prawns and spinach. The lobster was flavourful and was dressed generously in a tasty brandy dijon mustard.

The food from Marks and Spencer’s always blows me away but this roll really exceeded my expectations. Normally £5 for a sandwich let alone a roll sounds ridiculous. However on this occasion, for the quality and taste; this was more than reasonable.

I highly recommend popping into M&S to try this and I sincerely hope they keep this as a long term addition as a great luxury menu item. Also, on a very positive note, the roll is part of their menu selection that donates 5% of the sales to their ‘Shelter’ cause aimed at tackling homelessness.

The Food Doll.

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