Ten Restaurants That Give you Free Food on Your Birthday.

Your birthday. A day for you to be treated and spoiled! There are many companies and restaurants that endeavour to make you feel special and by simply registering online, they shower you with gifts. Well, in this instance; food.

Read on to discover ten restaurants that give you free food on your birthday!

1. Patisserie Valerie- Register with the decadent cake company, well known for their fresh cream creations, and receive a free cupcake on your big day!

2. Bar Burrito- Sign up with the tasty burrito bar and get a free burrito to devour on tu cumpleaños. Delicioso.

3. Beefeater- Beef up your birthday menu with a meal on the house with any purchased meal.

4. Frankie & Benny’s- A whole free meal is up for grabs on your birthday when a main meal is purchased. Yum!

5. Jamie’s Italian- Jamie has pulled out all the stops and offered a free appetiser, dessert and bottle of prosecco for birthday guests on their birthday.

6. Krispy Kreme- Sweeten up your annual celebration with a doughnut of your choice on your special day.

7. Millie’s Cookies- You guessed it! Take the biscuit with a free cookie for one on your birthday.

8. Prezzo- Prezzo serves some great Italian dishes with a wide range of dishes to suit all. Enjoy a free meal with any purchased meal as a Prezzo’s ‘prezzie’.

9. Gregg’s- This British bakery offers you an amazing choice of a cupcake, doughnut or cream cake dessert free. Happy Birthday!

10. Ed’s Easy Diner- Shake up your birthday with a free milkshake of your choice to celebrate your unique day!

As you probably worked out, the offers do you require you to register but they’re quick, easy and free! Register at least a week in advance to ensure you get emailed your freebies.

Now the question is, how many free meals can you fit in on one day?

The Food Doll.

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