Thanksgiving Celeb Cookoff. Nicki Minaj vs Draya Michelle.

Every Thanksgiving an array of dishes pour onto our screens, as everyone tries to show just how great their cooking is. Including celebrities who some of us may assume can’t or don’t cook.

This thanksgiving, the internet was not so forgiving and had some interesting words to say about Draya Michelle and Nicki Minaj’s thanksgiving cooking. Both the beauties ran tutorials on their social media showing just how they throw it down in the kitchen.

So who out of these two ladies threw it down the best?

Draya took us through her Mac and cheese with a very her very own ‘unique’ method. 

We see her add melted butter.

Add and mix in cheese.

Top it with a milk and egg mixture.

Before finishing it with more cheese.

The reality star and model also shared her turkey secret with us which was to cook it upside down to retain its juices.

She also showed us her filling which consisted of celery and greens.

The internet was quick to rip into Draya’s interesting methods as show in the tweet below. Draya fired back saying her cooking was fine and that she had been cooking by herself for years.

We also got a sneak peek into the Trinidadian pop star Nicki Minaj’s kitchen, where she served up some West Indian dishes.

She showed us some of the finished products of West Indian style Mac and cheese, fried king fish, oxtail and the cooking process of her curry chicken.

Some viewers were quick to question just how curried her chicken was as it seemed to lack the normal curry yellow/green.

So who won over your culinary heart? Was social media too hard on Draya or did Nicki’s Trini spread give her the edge? I know who’s table I would rather be at this Thanksgiving. 

Tweet me your thoughts @thefooddoll.

The Food Doll.

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