Apollonia, Stanmore review- How bad could it really be?

Earlier this month, I attended Appollonia in the suburban settings of affluent north-west London. The venue boasts luxury decor and simple international cuisine.

We had a customised set menu that offered some great choices such as a smoked salmon, prawn and avocado starter, sea bass, braised lamb and an assortment of luxury desserts. The menu created for us sounded extremely impressive but did it live up to the taste?

For my starter, I chose the smoked salmon, prawn avocado salad and ordered a bottle of prosecco. This was hands down, one of the most underwhelming starters I’ve ever had. There was no avocado in the dish at all. The smoked salmon was scarce and low quality and the prawns were not fresh. On top of this, the salad was chunky and poorly dressed with tart cocktail sauce which only did more to cheapen the dish. Despite looking inviting, it was very lacklustre and I found myself digging hopelessly.

My main dish was no different. I opted for the sea bass with potatoes and Mediterranean vegetables.

The sea bass was extremely under seasoned and required me to heavily douse it in salt and pepper which is surprising, as sea bass doesn’t require tons of seasoning if the quality is good. As well as this, the sea bass skin wasn’t crispy as best served; instead it was oily and almost soggy.

The potatoes portion was quite shocking. Nice presentation failed to mask the fact that we were only given around half a potato each. For a moment, I had to wonder if we had a potato famine again.

The vegetables were no different. One or two shards of each vegetable at most. The whole dish itself seemed to taste the same too and drowning it in salt and pepper made no difference.

They couldn’t possibly get dessert wrong right? That’s the easiest dish to please with… right?

Beautiful presentation failed to hide that the dessert was just an assortment of cheap supermarket bought products in my opinion. It came with a strawberry meringue, ice cream, panacotta style pot and a profiterole.

The meringue was actually pretty nice, the rest were peculiar tasting. The biggest disappointment of all, was that the menu advertised this dish as coming with fudge cake. I don’t know, perhaps they are still looking for it as I write.

The staff were fairly helpful but the meal setting felt uncomfortable which is a pity because the venue is beautiful and every bit of the word luxurious.

For £30, I felt this was a complete waste of money as the food was palatable at most. I left still hungry and was forced to eat again.

I would not recommend eating here however I would highly recommend the gorgeous venue which can be hired for private events.

The Food Doll.

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