Mannekenpis. Are these really Holland’s best fries?

On my last city break with one of my best friends, I got the chance to finally try the infamous fries from Mannekenpis.

Despite visiting Holland over 15 times, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never tried what purports to be some of the best fries you may ever try in your life.

This time, I was determined to change that. My friend Sam-Rae (half of leading U.K. Podcast Pink Matter) and I, worked up and appetite and head into the heart of Amsterdam Centraal. Mannekenpis isn’t hard to spot at all. The queue trailing into the road is a dead giveaway. Located just a throwaway from Centraal Station and my favourite coffee shop ‘Prix D’ami’, Mannekenpis comfortably holds its authority as a must visit tourist destination.
We were super lucky and the queue flew by but with tens of fries toppings; you probably do need that time to decide what you want to have.
We opted for the medium size which was actually pretty large. I topped mine with ketchup and their special frites sauce which had a subtle tangy mayo taste to it.

Due to the high volume output of fries, you are guaranteed to get a fresh batch every time. Served in their signature blue cone; the fries were golden and crispy whilst being fluffy and hot inside. They had a really distinct delicious taste from the oil which made them incredibly moreish.

I would definitely recommend these fries as a must try if you are ever visiting Holland. They were very filling and at under 4 euros, they were a great bargain.

This time round, I throughly enjoyed the food I had in Holland and will follow up this post with a short guide of what we had and where.

The Food Doll.

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