Is this the Wurst Christmas Advert Ever? Gregg’s Slammed for Depicting Baby Jesus as a Sausage Roll.

This week saw bakery chain Greggs in some oven heat for replacing baby Jesus with their signature sausage roll in a recent nativity advert.
Its decision to use an image showing the three wise men gathered around a sausage roll, has been met with both criticism and humour from Twitter users.

With some slamming the outrage as over sensitive and choosing to see the funny side instead; the image has invoked an array of sausage and pork puns.

Greggs has apologised for any offence caused but will not be pulling the product from its shelves.

The advert for the £24 advent calendar has sparked a debate as to whether Christmas has truly become a commercial festive holiday.

Did you find the advert (as shown above) a mockery of Christianity or an example of lighthearted British humour? Tweet me @thefooddoll
The Food Doll. 

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