Italian Date Night- Guiseppe’s, London Bridge.

Italian is by far my favourite cuisine. It’s diverse, full of passion and universally delicious.

I’ve been craving some authentic hearty Italian recently, so visited a new try for me: Guiseppe’s, situated in London Bridge.

The restaurant has been hailed as the perfect date night and family venue with an array of bars in the area. 

 Read on to see if Guiseppe’s lived up to its great reputation.

London Bridge is one of the food specialist areas in London; home to Borough Market and famous chefs. The restaurant on first appearance is very deceptive. The outside looks like an Italian deli, but step to the side of the restaurant and you’re greeted by a quaint cobbled street entrance complete with patriotic neon lights.

The side entrance leads downstairs into a bustling busy restaurant.

The restaurant had a very comfortable family feel and despite being busy, the atmosphere was relaxing.

After deciding on drinks, we decided on our starters where I painstakingly chose the calamari over the king prawns. (This seems to be a constant battle for me) whilst my guest chose the caprese with avocado . ( A classic Italian starter with buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato and basil drizzled in olive oil and seasoning.)

The calamari was crispy and a great texture whilst my guest’s starter was extremely fresh and tasty. A sure sign of good quality ingredients. Presentation was also good alongside good service.

The mains did not disappoint. Pasta is one of my favourite dishes so to see such an extensive pasta menu, was reassuring.

I opted for the crab and lobster ravioli whilst my guest went classic again and chose the bolognese.

Being a typical woman, I tried mine and his. Bolognese would definitely not have been my choice as I see it as the go to lazy home recipe but it was delicious. The sauce to pasta ratio was just right and the meat flavour was prominent without being over powered by the sauce.

My ravioli was spectacular. The sauce was creamy and tangy whilst the flavours of crab and fresh lobster balanced each other well.

My guest and I drank a bottle of wine each (because that’s normal right?) Him opting for red and I for rosè.

I will say that the wine wasn’t priced as well as the meal and that it perhaps didn’t match how great their food was.

Finally, to finish off what was an amazing meal, the waiters brought us complimentary Limoncello. ( A sour traditional Italian liqueur shot, designed to cleanse your palette and see off your meal with a happy ending.) Did you really have an Italian meal if you didn’t get given Limoncello?

Overall, pricing at £40 without our wine, this was a great restaurant and has quickly become one of my top 5 Italian restaurants in London. I highly recommend here for a cosy night out with a friend or a fairly priced date.

The Food Doll.

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