Unlimited Prosecco & Three Courses for £25

In the heart of Kensington, one of London’s most affluent boroughs, lies a hidden gem called ‘Sticky Fingers.’

I visited the restaurant to try an amazing bottomless brunch deal that included 90 minutes of unlimited prosecco and three courses for a mere £25.50.

Read on to find out recommendations, what I loved and what I didn’t.

The Experience.

I was running fashionably late as always, so didn’t get a chance to snap pictures of the starters which looked amazing. We chose a selection of everything including the nachos with guacamole, salsa and gooey cheese, buffalo chicken wings and crispy fried shrimp with chilli lime mayo.

My favourite starter was definitely the wings. They were succulent and bursting with flavour. A close second for me were the prawns, which were crispy and complimented well by the chilli lime mayo.

After our starters we started our 90 minutes countdown of unlimited prosecco.

The prosecco was crisp with a sweet subtle flavour and chilled perfectly. We assumed that the prosecco would be horrid and that it would be like pulling teeth to get them to bring us bottles but we were oh so wrong. The waiters came over with bottles frequently and kept a watchful eye out for our frantic waving. Between the five of us, I think we easily finished 8 bottles.

Our mains came during our prosecco round. On recommendation, I ordered the full rack of ribs with fries and slaw whilst my party ordered chicken and Mac & cheese which I got to taste.

The ribs were tender and the bbq marinade was surprisingly nice. The chicken had a similar marinade so tasted great too but the chicken didn’t hold the flavour like the ribs did. 

The Mac & Cheese was average as a main dish and in my opinion, should have been a side dish. It lacked texture for me and the recipe was a little too ambitious. I think as the only vegetarian option, this let the menu down. In addition, there were no vegan options at all which is disappointing in terms of menu diversity.

We were all noticeably full and the large portions meant we had plenty of food left over. The ribs were definitely a standout choice.

By dessert, we were noticeably tipsy as we poured our last bottle before our timer stopped.

 Dessert came at a perfect time. I opted for the chocolate fudge and pecan brownie with icecream. It originally comes with chocolate and vanilla icecream but this would have been far too rich. Instead I asked for whipped cream which toned down the indulgence.

We followed our dessert with more alcohol and took advantage of happy hour! Our cocktails were only £4 with some tequila shots on the side.

I was extremely impressed by the cocktails and feel that the venue should consider expanding their cocktail selection as they do it so well.

Despite a great evening, I do have to mention a negative for me which left me noticeably irritated.  The manager asked us to be a little quieter and to ” turn down the volume ever so slightly. ” Despite her being fairly polite about this, our party wasn’t out of control or outrageously noisy which she agreed. Instead the request came from a family with a small child being placed directly behind us in a back to back booth. 

In my opinion, the family should have been moved to a more appropriate table. It’s unreasonable to expect a party enjoying a bottomless brunch to whisper in a bustling bar! At the time, I felt personally offended to more or less told that we were having too much fun; for the sake of a family who could have been placed in more suitable section. We were told due to staff shortage, they weren’t able to move them.
I did let the manager know that I felt her approach was wrong and that it did take away from the experience for me. In return she kindly removed the service charge to compensate as well as being extremely apologetic which I felt was fair.
Aside from that, the ambience was comfortable (although the music choice could be better) and the staff are amazing overall. In total, with our extra cocktails and shots included, the experience came to less than £35.
I would definitely recommend this deal as the food, value and alcohol were all great. I’d like to hope that the hiccup with the “noise level” was an isolated incident and that on a normal day, common sense can be used in seating families during bottomless brunch deals.
You can find the deal on book-a-table for £25.50.

The Food Doll.

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