The Food Doll x Wraps and Wings

Running on 2 hours of sleep with a flight the next morning and having failed to pack, I decided to take a break from my usual healthy food choices to destress. My best friends had told me about Wraps and Wings, which they described as ‘BAD’, in the oxymoronic way of course.

Being only a stone throw away from me in the heart of Eastcote, I slid on through.

The restaurant was small and cosy with a very casual feel. It was a great group of casual family setting.

My restaurant tip is always to ask for recommendations from the staff who will tell you the most popular dishes as well as their personal bests.

I went for a wing mix of Jerk BBQ, Buffalo and Schezuan whilst my friend went for Jerk BBQ and extra hot Peri. We also had a buttermilk fried chicken wrap and burger with slaw and cheese alongside cheesy rosemary fries and chilli cheese fries as our sides with passion fruit lemonades.

The passion fruit lemonade was surprisingly more delicious and refreshing than I had expected. A must try if you like the fruit.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the rosemary fries by themselves hence my asking for cheese to be added which changed the dynamics of the dish completely. The chilli cheese fries on the other hand were tasty and flavourful. The mix of seasoned beefy mince, with onions and gooey American cheese was a winner.

The wings, the true star of the show, were full of flavour, a great size and tasty. The wings had a slight crunch to them under the sauce and the insides were juicy and well cooked. My favourite was the Jerk BBQ by far. The BBQ and Jerk flavours balanced each other well. A warning however, the wings are super spicy! If you can’t handle spice then ask them to make them mild.

The wrap and burger tasted a little underwhelming after having the wings but they were still nice. For my next visit, I want to try their signature dish which surprisingly, is a beef cheese burger.

Overall I really loved this venue, with the wings and the passion fruit lemonade being the true stand out areas for me. The meal came to around £15-£20 each and we had plenty to take away. The staff were also very sweet and helpful. A definite re visit for me.
Wraps and wings also do takeaway and are Uber Eats friendly.

 Check out their full menu online at

The Food Doll ❤

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