Soul Food: Crispy Fried Chicken Wings.

For meat lovers, chicken wings are a classic undefeated favourite that reigns globally.
My chicken wings have always been a love amongst my family and friends so I wanted to share a simplified version of my recipe that you can make without difficultly and with time constraints.

Most of the ingredients should be staples in your cupboards and chicken wings are super cheap to buy.

These come out flavourful, crispy and can be be enjoyed hot or cold.



Diced onion (half)

Spring onions (two)

Soy sauce (two tablespoons)

Liquid seasoning (one tablespoon)

Black pepper (one teaspoon)

Chopped garlic (one clove)

Paprika (one teaspoon)

Chilli powder(optional/one teaspoon)

Chicken seasoning (two teaspoons)

All purpose seasoning. (two teaspoons)

Flour (enough to coat)



Cut extended wing off chicken wings and clean by washing in some vinegar or lemon juice.
Season the prepared chicken wings with all the ingredients except the flour by combining and rubbing well. Leave this overnight if possible or for a minimum of two hours.

Add a teaspoon of all purpose seasoning to self raising flour and coat the chicken thoroughly. (You don’t need to add egg or any additional ingredients as the soy sauce should help to coat)
Fry the wings in a generous amount of vegetable oil on a medium heat. Constantly rotate the wings until dark brown and crispy. Drain on kitchen paper and serve.

The Food Doll. ❤

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