Matts BBQ 2017 & The Food Doll’s Rum Punch.

This weekend, I was invited by Matt and his team to experience the infamous festival ‘Matts BBQ’ sponsored by ORS.
I had heard of the event which boasts a mature, care free vibe with endless food, alcohol and incredible music, but hadn’t the chance to attend.
Set in Tunbridge wells Kent across open green grounds and a beautiful lake, it had the perfect festival feel. My guest and I had an amazing welcome by the team as we got whisked away to the ORS VIP tent with a private bar, food station, shisha, bean bags and makeup stations where the beautiful ORS ladies glammed up attendees.

If you know me, you’d know of my long term love affair with Wray and Nephews white rum, so to see the ORS ladies making fresh rum punch with bottles and bottles of it, I was bouncing with excitement.

After a few complimentary glasses of rum punch, we walked around to enjoy the vibes, first walking over to the house tent set by the lake. It was such an interesting paradox with bass filled house and garage, set next to one of the most serene lakes you could ever think of.
The festival, and I say festival because the event in my opinion is far bigger than the name suggests, had a row of food vans boasting a range of cuisines from West Indian and west African to American and Confectionary.
My favourite part? The demolition dome and inflatable slides. Festival goers under safe influence living out their inner child’s nostalgic moments.
There was so much to do and by no means in the background, was the main stage that showcased djs, acts and Matt himself. Infront, the thousands of attendees who drank, danced and laughed well into the night. It’s not a surprise that I ran into a many people I know. The vibe honestly was incredible and it’s not often you can attend such a big event with little worries. It was controlled, safe and more importantly: fun.
Now… the food!

I didn’t get to eat to my heart’s content how I planned as I had to run off to another event in London but I wasn’t disappointed.
The star of the show for me was the rum punch. (Which has inspired me to share a quick recipe below. ) Served in transparent dispensers, the rum punch tasted authentic and silently dangerous. After a few, I was most definitely in the festival spirit.

To follow up, I ungracefully hoovered down oxtail with butterbeans , rice and peas and coleslaw whilst whining away in the crowd to bashment.
The cherry on top for me were the patties and small bites that I got to take away and eat on my transport back into London.

I had a ton of fun and will definitely be back next year, especially as the festival has grown and gotten better year to year. These are the kind of events we need. Thank you to Matt and his team and ORS for a great day and their hospitality.
The Food Doll’s Rum Punch.
Wray and Nephews White Rum. (2 parts)

Dark rum (optional/1 part)

Fresh limes and lemons. (3 of each sliced and squeezed)

Pineapple juice (1.5 parts)

Orange juice (1 part)

Fruit punch syrup or grenadine. (0.5 parts)

Nutmeg (one teaspoon)


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and stir vigorously. Chill for a minimum of three hours to age the flavour and serve over ice.

Drink responsibly!

The Food Doll ❤

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